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mapCrowd aims to enhance HCV information and advocacy worldwide. Analyzing data from the 23 countries initially included in mapCrowd and producing key findings is simply the first step. By adding more contributors and thus more country information, mapCrowd will be able to highlight recent HCV developments with comprehensive, up-to-date data. At the same time, this growing network of advocates will more easily be able to share knowledge and mobilize information supporting their advocacy. People with HCV, those who work in public health and development, and the larger international health community all stand to benefit from mapCrowd’s continued growth.

To accomplish this, we are seeking to identify and enlist more qualified HCV experts to join the mapCrowd project on a voluntary basis. Ideal mapCrowder candidates will be strongly involved in HCV advocacy work in their respective countries, or have a medical or public health background. As data are often highly limited or difficult to obtain, we are looking for candidates who have a strong network of local contacts and a capacity to support national level data collection on a range of topic areas.

Why become a mapCrowder

There are numerous benefits to participating in the mapCrowd project. As a mapCrowder, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Contribute valuable information that will advance global understanding of the HCV epidemic, lead to an informed response and enhance advocacy efforts around the world,
  • Connect with a growing, international network of HCV experts and activists,
  • Develop and maintain national-level contacts that can support data collection and estimations,
  • Raise the visibility of your organization and it’s mission and objectives.

As more mapCrowders join, the stronger mapCrowd will be at generating data that highlights and helps break down barriers to HCV testing and treatment around the world. Findings based on these data will be presented and publicized in future annual reports.

How do I join?

If you are interested in becoming a mapCrowder, please fill-in the form below and please indicate your sources and methods of data collection and/or experiences on HCV advocacy.
Don't forget to select your country.
Thank you!

Tutorial: How to fill-in data in the mapCrowd?

A tutorial has been designed to help you as focal points (or mapCrowders) to enter data in the mapCrowd data fields related to a country that you agreed to inform. It will describe all the necessary steps to properly and easily fill in data.
Please go on:

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